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hurricane lamp oil "Blue Southern Seas" with oil + 1 liter of oil + 3 wicks

Ref : 074576

58.00 € TTC

 Lighting package includes:
 - A hurricane lamp oil "luciole"
    French manufacturing by GUILLOUARD in Nantes
    Tinned steel hot-dip in a bath of molten tin alloy
    and polyurethane paint color "Blue Southern Seas"
    height 30 cm, 40 cm if the loop is unfolded, weight 800g,
    tank capacity: 0.5 liters
    illumination duration: about 24 hours,
    wick about 16 mm wide
 - 3 spare wicks
 - 1 liter of oil:
   more than 50 hours of illumination
   (depending on the setting of the wick)
 - A user manual


To avoid rapid corrosion:
Do not let the lamp outside, even under cover
Wipe it if it shows signs of moisture
To avoid traces of oil:
Do not fill to the brim
Do not lean unduly, even extinct
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58.00 € TTC